Campfire Cooking


The usframe crew enjoys cooking on a campfire, and any other outdoor venue

A must for campers is to use that campfire for cooking. And, we do not intend to keep the diet to hot dogs and schmores. Oh no, there is way to much fun to be had. Not to mention, satisfying the ol' tastebuds. From using a stick, to cast iron utensils, we'll take a look at all sorts of options.


Cooking with Cast Iron skillets, griddles, and more

Man, cooking an early morning breakfast over a wood fire kicks off a new day in the woods like nothing else. An Erie 8" cast iron skillet does a great job for this multi-part campfire breakfast.


Hand-crafted cooking items and on the fly dishes

We use some home made items to aid in this campfire shenanigans. The stakes and skewers served well for culinary purposes as well as general camp uses.

If you like a bit of heat, and want a simple campfire dish, this might be the answer. Some jalapenos, tuna, and mozzarella take the life right out of boring.



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