Foraging for Crayfish


You might know these as crawfish or crawdads. Maybe by some other even more localized name, but around here it is crayfish. I imagine that fishing or foraging also might not be a correct term. Could be that we went crayfishing.

If nothing else, it is a fun activity with plenty of action in the right location. Crayfish are not prone to enjoy being handled, so use some caution, the pincers are real. Despite getting to be cooked and eaten in the immediate future, use care in keeping the crayfish until that time.

Catching Crayfish for Food

We head off to a local stream that we believe might be a good source of crayfish. Sure, we could build a cage, or just go fishing. Getting into the water on a hot day and just splashing around and goofing off flipping rocks over adds another element to life that should be experienced. This video shows the collecting process.


Cooking Crayfish

Preparing to eat involves washing the crayfish with fresh water, and getting water to boiling. The pot of water has a half cup of salt added, as well as garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper. Other than the salt, just use you favorite seasonings. The crayfish pop up to the top of the water after a few minutes. We turn the heat off after 4-5 minutes, and allow them to fully cook in the water for a few more minutes before pulling them out. In this instance, we eat them right from the shell.