Homemade Granola Bars Recipe - Healthy Snack for Home and Trail


Easy and Flexible Treat

The homemade granola bars that we make for work day snacking or packing for a hike are easy to make in the kitchen. The ingredients list may seem considerable at first glance, but all items are easy to procure. The flexibility arises as one determines exactly what will be used in the recipe, especially pertaining to the nuts. In the version in our video, we used peanuts, almonds, and sunflower seeds. If almonds are not something you wish to use, use more peanuts instead. How about swapping in some pumpkin seeds? Or using local in-season nuts such as hickory and walnut, depending on your location. If you require more sweetness, bump up the honey or brown sugar amount. The addition of dried fruit creates a scenario for a new taste experience for each batch. As one can see, plenty of room for experimentation in this granola mix.


Details for Making the Granola Bars in Video

We go into the kitchen and show a step-by-step on the process for making our granola bars. Producing food at home is a great opportunity at controlling the ingredient list. The result, a great tasting, healthy food for work, school, hiking and backpacking.



Basic Ingredients for the Recipe

First, the dry parts. Rolled oats, we use Quaker. Wheat germ, not sure what it is, but they say it is fantastic for our bodies! Peanuts, easy to swap out in allergy instances. Sunflower seeds, many other options. Almonds, if we have them on hand. Dried fruit, the choices and combinations are far reaching.

Then, the wet stuff that holds the granola bar all together. Butter, we have not tried any substitute. Honey, buy in bulk! Brown sugar, we have used light and dark for taste variations. Finally, two kitchen standards, vanilla and salt.