Mountain House Spaghetti with Meat Sauce Review


Always up for an experiment, we thought we'd give Mountain House Spaghetti and Meat Sauce a try. Already satisfied with the Chili mac and Beef meal, the pasta vein seemed a good route. All that is needed is boiling water, so cooking time is dependent on how long it takes to boil the water.

Mountain House freeze dried meals are a well-known camping, backpacking, and survival food source. Our one gripe would be in that these are rated as 2 servings. For a couple of guys doing rigorous hiking, biking, kayaking, whatever, the package is just not enough for a meal. We prepared this while ascending the trail near Bromley, VT. With a brisk pace, and on a cool day, and this being our only stop, more would have been better as 270 calories is too low.

The noodles are short, so you twirlers will be disappointed. A fork will suffice, though.