Rock Used as a Cooking Surface


Steaks prepared on a rock in an open campfire

Okay, so you forgot the frying pan. No big deal. We say, just cook on a rock. Have cookware handy? Toss it aside and give this a try. The preferrably clean and stable rock should have plenty of time to heat in the fire before throwing meat on it. We use steak, since pink in the middle is acceptable and desired. Chicken or other meats might need more serious cooktimes or temperatures.

Keep it simple, no cleanup. On a day with 23 degrees for a high, it only seemed right to cook out doors on an open fire. The steak wasn't too thick, so it sizzled and got done quickly.

It is no fluke, steak is fantastic on the open fire!

So, here we are, doing it all over, again. Always variations. The weather, the rock, the type of wood, it all goes into creating a unique cooking environment everytime out. The cut of meat will certainly add variation to the meal.


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