Jalapeno Pepper Jerky - Hot Recipe Idea for Hiking, Camping and Backpacking


Jalapeno Pepper on the plant
Fresh jalapeno pepper from the garden.

Looking to put a bit of a different twist to the turkey jerky, something with a little pizzazz came to mind. We had grown quite a few hot pepper varieties this year, and had dehydrated several varieties including jalapenos. Looking to get the most out of dried peppers, a decision was made to grind them in a Mr Coffee. This would give maximum surface area and disperse the oil quite nicely according to our theory.

For those that want to give this jerky the ol' do-it-yourself treatment, we say go for it. The level for this is certainly easy.

A quick step-by-step recipe of the procedure for making the Jalapeno Jerky

  1. A pound and a quarter of turkey burger placed into a bowl
  2. Hi Mountain Mesquite flavor was the base
  3. Added required cure per the amount of meat (we skip the cure if the jerky is to be consumed within a few days)
  4. Added the amount of seasoning for a pound of burger
  5. Added the ground jalapeno pepper, started with a tablespoon piled high before grinding
  6. Added a quarter cup iced water
  7. Splashed Worcestershire sauce on top of the batch for remaining liquid
  8. Mixed very well by hand (wearing disposable kitchen gloves)
  9. Covered with wrap and placed into fridge (directions call for 4 hours to overnight)
  10. Pulled from fridge after 6 hours
  11. Put into a jerky gun and placed "raw" jerky strips on dehydrator trays
  12. Dehydrated for about 6.5 hours at around 155 degrees Fahrenheit


Watch the Video for Making This Hot Pepper Snack

Don't take my word on if this recipe has some kick, watch the usframe crew taste tester's reaction in the video. Although, I can tell you first hand, the jalapeno jerky flavor was great, and the heat was being brought!