Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail for Day and Through Hikes


There is a bit of a cultish flavor to those that travel the Appalachian Trail. Perhaps it has to do with the aura of the Appalachian Range and the perception of those residing on or near the mountains. Or, what sort of grind-it-out individual it takes to complete the full trail in a season. Either way, this rugged pathway from Georgia to Maine is a beloved topic for outdoor enthusiasts.
View of the AT


View from the AT

Whether one is in for the long haul or just a weekend, preparation is a must. The usframe crew admits to not having the time for much more than day hike and the occasional multiple day trip. But, that will not hinder our attempt to explore and document many portions of the trail. Get your sturdy footwear and trail mix ready!


Some Antics on the Appalachian Trail

The snow was definitely a "hike-blocker" for this escapade. Although, we did get to take in some local sights. This access to the Appalachian Trail is in Port Clinton, PA.


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