Appalachian Trail

Rugged Hike, The Appalachian Trail, Port Clinton, PA


What an interesting area. From the quaint town of Port Clinton, one parks near a reconditioned active railway. This leg of trail heading south has one of the toughest ascents according to thru hikers. We agree.


Walking Stick

If one hikes with eyes open, there is always something special to see. This is perhaps the largest Walking Stick have seen in 50 years of outdoor's activity.
The ascent kicks off with rough stone steps set into the hillside. Take time to look around and peek through the wooded areas for great sites. Every now and again, just turn around and take in a view from the opposite direction.

Stone Steps

View near Port Clinton

Certainly there is an opportunity for a vista of the surrounding countryside! This view is from a side trail found at a 4-way intersection along the trail.

Video Log of the Port Clinton, PA, Appalachian Trail Hike

This moderately easy hike afforded us plenty of time to ponder survival issues, and fool around along the way.


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