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The First Pennsylvania Regiment at Daniel Boone Homestead


Daniel Boone HomesteadWe paid a visit to the Daniel Boone Homestead on a dreary Sunday in hopes to view the First Pennsylvania Regiment. No disappointment! Some of the fellas were there tuning up their skills on the shooting range. Seems there is a competitive side to all of this, with exhibitions forthcoming versus other groups. Luckily, we were able to spend some time chatting with some of the men. A great bunch they are, too.


Pheasant at Daniel BOone HomesteadThere is also a great chance to espy wildlife while at the Daniel Boone Homestead

Experience the beauty of Muzzle Loading Long Rifles

Daniel Boone HomesteadThe First Pennsylvania Regiment appear in period garb, adding to the illusion of experiencing a bygone era as the smoke billows out the barrels of long rifles. Check out those speedloaders!

Join in as we listen to a member of The First Pennsylvania discuss the regiment's origins, being called into battle, and more. I know, we were so excited, we did not notice the trash can! Great op to use pip, eh?


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