Berks County Plus

Hay Creek Festival, Joanna Furnace


You know Fall is just around the corner when The Hay Creek Festival at Joanna Furnace, Berks Co. kicks off. If you enjoy old machinery, vehicles, and engines, this is the place for you. And, if you enjoy handi-workers plying their trades, cooking over wood fires,and apple cider, this is even more the place for you! Not only are there demonstrations, but we noticed many hands on activities for the younger crowd. Of course, there is touring around the furnace, and seeing what's new at some excavations on site. Live music, and sn antique car show take place on the grounds.


Civil War Re-enactors

The fellas at the Civil War encampment relax after a fine breakfast over a woodfire. As always, the boys in blue were great to chat with and are very knowledgeable about their gear.

Civil War Encampment


Antique Tractor

Small Engines, Tractors, and vintage Autos

The old tractor and small engines sector of the Hay Creek Festival does not disappoint. Many of the small engine displays are in operation as guests wander the grounds. The farm tractors fill the air with nostalgia and much more. For the auto enthusiast there is an area that looks like a parking lot from yesteryear.


JUoannaq Furnace

The Joanna Furnace

The historic Joanna Furnace sits above many of the displays, providing a beautiful backdrop.