Berks County Plus

Berks County, PA and more


The usframe crew will hike, bike, and drive to sights in and around Berks County, PA.

Yes, we will even be on the water for some events.

There is plenty to view on the way. Keep checking back for more!
Don't forget to visit the usframe channel on YouTube.


Recently, we took a walk around the Daniel Boone Homestead. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


Please Check out the Blue Rocks tour listed in the sidebar or Outdoor Section, thanks!

The Blue Rocks located in Lenhartsville, PA, is a great example of a glacial deposit. Take a look at the video. Even if it looks too rough to traverse, it is still a great view.


Covered Bridges of Berks County, PA

Often times in the Winter with heavy snow on the ground, it is not as easy to come up with a good family activity. On this particular day, we took tour of the covered bridges in Berks County, PA. Not only did we view the bridges, but saw many great scenes along the way.

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