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Cattails - Perfect Bushcraft Firestarting Material


A plant common in many regions is the cattail. Known for its versatility, this wonderful plant provides nutrition and a variety of other uses in bushcrafting. Whether camping for entertainment or in survival mode, the cattails has essential firestarting capabilities. The fluff from the seed pod atop the stalk takes a spark easily, and has a flash type ignition. For best results, blend with a slower burning tinder material. Although, the amount of fluff from one cattail spike is able to start several fires.

Cattail Spikes

Excellent tinder material for camping, hiking or backpacking

The season for collecting readily availble fluff extends in our area from mid-fall into early summer. With that span, almost all cold weather situations are covered. A cattail spike filled with fluff is extremely lightweight, and perfect for gathering and carrying along the trail. View the demo from the usframe youtube channel below.