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Bushcrafting - How to Make Char Cloth


Making char cloth in the campfire is truly as fun and perhaps great time for science experience. We find that the more time spent outdoors, and especially around the campfire leads to more fun stuff. A big issue with the usframe crew is the DIY experience. Firestarting is a basic element of many camping, backpacking, and bushcrafting events. A great, easy-to-make item to assist in firestarting is char cloth. This material is the result of a process called pyrolysis applied to natural fibers. We have heard cotton and linen fabrics to be the best for this, but have only used cotton thus far.

Char Cloth Made on a Campfire

Once the fire had produced a fair amount of hot coals, we placed a small tin containing squares of cotton material into the hot zone. Make sure that the container has an outlet to release the gases produced in the process. A hole poked into the lid of the tin was sufficient. This is almost a fool proof method, unless we are involved, and do some excess fooling around.