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Playing with Fire


Firestarting and Fire Usage on the Trail

Normally, one would not promote playing with fire. When it comes to the outdoors, the folks at usframe crew have safety as a number one priority. Having stated that, we do enjoy creating fire, and finding uses for fire on the trail.


Let's get that fire started

Does practice make perfect when starting campfires? We don't know either, but preparedness is high on the usframe crew priority list. Get out there and experiment!

Campfires provide warmth, light, and a special atmosphere for outdoor's activities. How better to enjoy some stories and campfire cooked foods.


In a pinch, perhaps grabbing some items out of the first aid kit will get your campfire ablaze. The crew uses some cotton and anti-biotic cream from the First Aid Kit to light a campfire


In the following video, Jared grabs some items around the campsite to make an impromptu torch. Cotton from the First Aid Kit rubbed with some petroleum jelly stuffed into an empty paper towel tube is the recipe.


More Firestarting Methods

Char cloth is a tried and true material as a reliable firestarter upon ignition. We know, you need to start a fire in order to, hmm, start a fire! Thanks to dragonflyhiker for this video.



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