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Not only will we have bushcraft projects, but plenty of other outdoors and gear DIY examples.

Wooden Ring Crafting

Sometimes you do things just for fun, and it turns out quite well. This seems to be one of those moments. Maybe you have a favorite girl, and maybe you don't. But, if you do, perhaps a handmade wooden ring would make a great gift. First, the young fella here carved a ring out of a chunk of Rosewood. Using a $10 Mora knife, just to give it a workout, he whittled this very hard piece of wood into an acceptable hand-crafted ring.



Rosewood ring

handcarved rosewood ring


Then, one thing begets another, you know how it goes. So we took some thin wafers of Rosewood, placed a thin piece of local cherry in between, and this is what happened next. The "hole" was drilled, and the wooden ring was hand finished. The result after polishing and oiling, etc, was a real nice ring to give to a favorite girl. We will get a pic of the finished ring on her hand asap!

Rosewwod and cherry ring

handmade rosewood and cherry ring


Here is a short video on the subject. Now, we know there are all sorts of methods for making wooden rings. I am sure at some point to turn something special, or even do a bentwood piece. For now, the next wooden ring project involves Rosewood and tagua nuts. Check back soon!


Cool stuff to do around the campfire

Yep, the sun has gone down, and what can arguably be the most fun part of camping and backpacking begins. Time for a campfire!

All sorts of events take place at this time, heating water for coffee, roasting marshmallows, turning hot dogs into cinders, and trying to scare the bejeesus out of fellow campers. The long hours of the evening provide a great time to hone some skills or try something new. Recently, a member of the usframe crew tried his hand at wooden ring making. The results are posted on the Crafts page.

Another fun project is making braided items out of paracord. There are keychains, lanyards, wristbands, and piles more fun stuff to make. Plus, this particular craft doesn't call for sharp instrruments to perform, making it more friendly for younger campers at the fireside. We note that paracord bracelets are the "in" item at this time.

Braided paracord projects

Braided Paracord Samples


We want to give some credit here to our pals at the GearBuyersGuide channel on YouTube for turning us on to this. Not only do you have cool items, but paracord in emergency situations to boot.

guitarmikey2 illustrates in detail the making of a paracord bracelet. This is a favorite design of the usframe crew.


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