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In general, we of the usframe crew world love all sorts of weaponry. Of course, firearms play a key role in our leisure activities, as well as the peace of mind for self/home defense. The second amendment gets no special play here. The Constitution in its entirety is to be preserved.
On firearms manufacturers? We reserve the right to enjoy and display as it pleases us. If mention is made of Ruger, that is no indication that we dislike Remington. Hah! don't make us mention examples that really take the fun out of online discussion(that's for another blog). Nothing precedes "safety first."
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usframe crew goes on a ZOMBIE HUNT!


Apparently, zombies have become more of a danger than ever. Seems that worldwide the common citizen is being called upon to take up arms to combat these nasty undead. The usframe crew uses various weaponry to eliminate the zombie horde. Glock 17, Glock 26, Baretta CX4 Storm, Remington 870,and a Collins & Co machete are utilized in this instance.
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