Building Penny Alcohol Soda Can Stoves and Reviews


Using Soda Cans to Build a Stove

First, how great is it that these stoves use trash to build? We'll tell you, it is really great! Failures are way easier to accept, and experimenting is wide open because of the no cost manufacturing. Want a stove? Go out and pick up a beverage can along the road and you are ready to go. Myself, I'll just grab a can out of our recycles and knock out another alcohol stove. We have never taken a soda can stove out camping, hiking, or backpacking and had a failure. Of course, we test each stove first before going out. Oh, that's right, this can cost a cent if you use the penny on top to regulate pressure.


Penny Alcohol Stove Experiments

There is a plethora of design options for these stoves. Within each design are even more options for details, such as amount of holes for jets, size of holes, and so forth. The video below shows some recent heating tests we have run.


Strength Test for Soda Can Stoves

The strength and durability of the penny alcohol stoves has been called into question. From not being able to support enough weight to being fragile because it is a DIY project. Let me tell you, I am a fan of DIY because I wish for my gear to made in a manner that is acceptable strength-wise. We expected a lot out of these stoves and got it.