Cooking Gear for Use on Campfire or Trail


The usframe crew examines and uses Store bought and Homemade Cooking Gear


Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron on the open fire. If you can't get over to view the Pyramids, then this has to be second best. Cooking on an open fire with cast iron cookware is always a win.


Getting right to the point, Lodge Logic manufactures some of the best cast iron cooking products on the market. The items are completely finished, as in no rough edges, and! they are preseasoned ready for use. Did we mention Made in USA? Take a look at the Lodge Logic Grill Pan in action


Quite often we use an Erie 8 inch skillet. This does quite fine for 1 or 2 at a meal.

Erie Fry Pan


May be that you have seen us use these before, but this skewer system allows for delicious roasted over the fire foods