Yellowstone Geyser Tent Review Great for Family


Geyser Tent, Low Cost Solution for Vehicle Camping

The Yellowstone series of tents provides an economical answer if roominess is desired. At approximately 9' x 11.5', the Yellowstone Geyser is a good choice. Weighing in at a little over 20 pounds, this tent is for vehicle use. It has plenty of ventilation, and the door is large. Easy to set-up, quick to attach rainfly, and some interior storage compartments, we say try this tent if you can purchase for under $140.




Update: April 2012, this tent is still performing well, and has maintained its shape. No tears or problems with zippers. 3 people and lots of gear is done easily with this Yellowstone Geyser tent. Moisture has not been a problem. Easy for larger folk to walk and dress inside.