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The usframe crew Demonstrate, Review, and Share Ideas on Gear

Other than one's own smarts and ability, gear is right up there in importance. The fun thing about gear is that there is so much stuff!

We will take a look at all sorts of items. Of course, some might be more exciting than others, but all useful in some respect.

Different types of situations will call for different preparation. The gear for the day-hiker will vary from a week-ender. Whether one is backpacking or vehicle camping can make huge differences in gear selection.

Categories that will be addressed are to range from water bottles and cooking gear to flashlights and knives. One thing to expect is an honest viewpoint. Most of what we display will be from the field. Some home settings, or the workshop can be expected, but we especially enjoy showing items in use.

What is on the way? Recently, we have been assembling info for hammock camping, an interesting method for overnight trips. Plenty more coming soon on options for water, cutlery, and lighting.

As always, we recommend visiting our usframe Youtube channel to see current and past videos.



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