Nalgene Water Bottles Are up to the Task - Review


The usframe crew are Nalgene Bottle Fans

If there is only one thing you remember, make sure it is water. The usframe crew has come up with a reliable water bottle for everyday use, as well as camping, hiking, and backpacking (biking, too!) Rugged is certainly an adjective that is a good fit for these bottles. Experience has shown us that they can handle daily use as well as being bounced down a hillside. Okay, they are also durable. As of this time (5/11) we have not had to toss away a Nalgene bottle for any reason. A good buy, especially when found under $10.

Water Bottle Composition Awareness

We are aware of the concerns with plastic water bottles bottles and chemical leaching. The current Nalgen bottles in the style within the video have the number 7, which is a broad classification. The good news is that they are also stamped BPA free. May be a good idea to buy Made in USA when concerning food/water containers, and hope that QC is as it should be.