Smith's Diamond Retractable Knife Sharpener Review


Economical and Effective Pocket Knife Sharpener

Smith's Diamond Retractable Sharpener is a good, inexpensive, lightweight choice for a pocket sharpening system. Wait, there's more! For all you serrated knife users, Smith's diamond rod is reversible. Yep, just loosen the rod, and swap out the ends. One for normal blade, and another tapered rod end for serrsted knives. We were just a bit skeptical at first, but the serrated sharpener portion of diamond rod did a decent job. Yes, there is even a groove for fish hooks... Well, maybe there are better slternatives for hook restoration

The sleeve for the rod has a pocket clip that might be best removed. It is not going to be reliable under stressful situations in the field. If used, we recommend keeping the sharpener to the inside.

Like most pocket systems for sharpening, longer bladed knives require a bit more finesse to get the complete edge with a balanced degree of sharpness. For those unsure of proper angle, and how many strokes per side. Relax, keep it fun, and it will all work out. Video demos aside, we alternate blade passes into the grit of the diamond rod.

The Smith's Diamond Retractable Sharpener will not replace a tabletop system of stones from heavy to ultra fine grit. It will however keep knives in useful condition while in the field or on the trail. Backpackers should find the weight of this diamond rod acceptable.

Smith's Diamond Sharpener Reviewed in Video

After some difficulty with high wind creating awful audio, we take the Smith's sharpener indoors to a workbench and give it a workout. Yeah, all HD, 1080 and all that stuff.