Stanley SharpTooth Saw Review - A Win for Outdoors


Our Favorite Saw for Backpacking and Camping

For many years I carried one of these Stanley saws in the work vehicles. Usually, at least one could be found in the workshop. Now, we use the Stanley SharpTooth saw as our premier choice for camping and backpacking. Here it is in a nutshell. A saws go, the only time I have had to replace these is when they get lost or stolen. Granted, this one in the video is missing a handle rivet, but that is easily replaced.

The teeth are strong and aggressive. It needs no assembly. The length and weight make the saw useable without being to heavy to carry throughout the day. This piece of gear can be attached to a pack or hung from a belt. When you need to process wood, a real tool is necessary. And that is the key, this saw was manufactured with doing work in mind.